Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 WILDS Gameplay Launch Trailer



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The WILDS await in Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 4 Season 3: The center of the Island has collapsed, revealing a vast, hidden jungle with ancient secrets to discover. Ascend to canopies, ride raptors, and slide in the mud for speed and camouflage. Detect enemies with the Thermal DMR, skid on vines while firing the FlapJack Rifle, or transform opponents into spectators with the Cybertron Cannon. With WILDS things have gotten a little... wild. Navigate around the map to discover new forms of life such as the Bomb Flower, Stink Flower, Slurp Plants, and more! Plus there’s plenty of exciting new POI’s to be found on your journey. But don't forget your weapons. Danger is ever-present and you may want to hold onto the Kinetic Boomerang or maybe even a Wildwasp Jar! A good exploration starts with great explorers. This season’s Battle Pass includes all new Outfits, Emotes, Pickaxes, and more to point you in the right direction. See the full list of Outfits that will be available in the WILDS Battle Pass: -Era -Trace -Rian -Lorenzo -Mariposa -Relik -Optimus Prime -Purradise Meowscles There's lots to discover in CH4S3. #Fortnite #FortniteTrailer #FortniteWILDS

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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 WILDS Gameplay Launch Trailer
Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 WILDS Gameplay Launch Trailer
Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 WILDS Gameplay Launch Trailer
Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 WILDS Gameplay Launch Trailer
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Hamza Mohamed Abd Elsalam
2023-09-23 20:25:14

Best game ever AzP22cDSo-A&t=0m22s 0:22

Maria Das graças
2023-09-23 20:01:39

Maria Das graças
2023-09-23 20:01:39

NathanielThabani Kholosa
2023-09-23 06:12:39

Thank goodness the mamoth pisto is vaulted because i hate that weapon

2023-09-23 03:31:01

How come the main Halloween skins like Skull trooper and ghoul trooper got OG/Rare variants, but the main Christmas skins like The Elf and gingerbread skins got nothing. That’s very unfair you guys should gives us one or make Purple Skull Trooper for everyone. That’s so unfair.

Why even make OG/Rare variants for skins for people who had it when it first released, but not do it for every main holiday exclusive skins. That so unfair I know it your game but that’s totally not fair to everyone else. If your not going to be fair there shouldn’t be OG skins.😔

Joziah Quintana
2023-09-23 00:13:01

Add blue beetle to the game

Soccer or football fan
2023-09-16 04:31:06

We can call this season what anime fans call : a filar 😂😂😂

Seamus McCudden
2023-09-09 23:25:00

the worst season, worst battlepass, yet somehow the best music

2023-09-09 11:16:44

This season wasn't that bad.. i enjoyed it more near the end but overall this season wasn't the best or worst. so i rate it 5.5/10

Galaxy_ Aesthetic
2023-09-07 07:02:49

Omg this season was so garbage, thank goodness it’s over, loving Season 4 though!

2023-09-05 00:58:01


Urboyabdul 2.0
2023-09-03 15:28:33

Fortnite c4s4 is better

2023-09-03 14:43:46

The trailer was better than the entire season

2023-09-02 03:29:58

The only good thing about this season is the mammoth pistol

Raichy hatake
2023-08-30 11:49:16

the only good thing about this season is the music ngl

2023-08-26 10:04:57

Who’s here after season 4

2023-08-25 17:17:17


Nori Kakumei
2023-08-25 14:40:47

Mid season season 4 better

2023-08-25 13:33:12

We got a chapter 2 season 6 knock off. But now he have a chapter 2 season 2 RE-MAKE💥💣💥

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