Spiral Wedging

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How to Spiral Wedge Clay


This weeks video is about another much requested topic, spiral wedging. Hopefully this video does the process justice, I've filmed it from various angles and go over the process numerous times as I've always found it helpful to see things repeated when I'm learning them. Let me know if you found this helpful and thanks as always for watching! Timecodes: 0:00 - Introduction 0:30 - Raising yourself to the right height 0:42 - The basics 5:23 - Dealing with softer clay/horseshoeing 7:30 - Moving mark to demonstrate the spirals movement 12:48 - Wedging a larger lump of clay 14:06 - Wedging smaller lumps of clay Instagram – 🤍 TikTok – 🤍 Website – 🤍

38. Learning Spiral Wedging / Kneading Clay 菊練り with Hsin-Chuen Lin 林新春 菊練揉土示範


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Spiral Wedging - Preparing The Clay - Pottery for Beginners


Spiral wedging takes its name from the shape created in the clay during the process: The clay creates a spiral pattern. The Spiral wedging technique is a little more advanced than the Ram’s Head method and takes a little more skill to master. It’s worth putting in the time though, as I find you can wedge more clay in one go. It is also quicker, which gets you started faster. This method is actually very difficult to do slowly, building up your speed and rhythm makes it easier. Getting the spiral going is the hardest part, but once you have started the spiral shape it will become easier. This video was designed as companion material for my book 'Pottery for Beginners'. READ MY BOOK 📖: Pottery for Beginners, A beginner's guide to the wonderful world of clay. 🤍 UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVE POTENTIAL WITH CLAY 💫! Join my Patreon Pottery Club: 🤍 THE ESSENTIAL KILN NOTEBOOK 📒: Make your firings more successful. “I couldn't find a good kiln notebook on the market so I decided to make my own.” 🤍 WHO DOESN'T LOVE A FREEBIE💜: My 7 Top Tips for Glazing Pottery 🤍 My 7 Top Tips for Throwing on the wheel. 🤍 CONNECT WITH ME: Patreon: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Website: 🤍

Pottery Basics: Spiral Wedging


Spiral Wedging is the wedging technique preferred by most potters because it is the most efficient means of breaking up thixotropy, removing air, and mixing. Another really great reason to learn spiral wedging is you always end up with a cone shape, the perfect shape for the potters wheel. Spiral wedging is a little tricky to learn, so check out this video for an up close look from two different camera angles at this essential wedging technique. Hi there! I’m Adam and I teach pottery at 🤍patreon.com/spectorstudiosporcelain. You can also find me 🤍spectorstudiosporcelain on IG. For more free instructional pottery content SUBSCRIBE! For many complete series on making many different pottery forms from start to finish, join my Patreon!

388. How to Spiral & Ram’s Head Wedging/Kneading Clay 菊練り with Hsin-Chuen Lin 林新春 菊練/揉土全攻略


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How I Reclaim, Cut Wedge and Spiral Wedge my Clay — Narrated Video


This weeks video is a little different, but it's one that has been requested numerous times. It shows how I reclaim and wedge clay ready to use in the studio. I use both the cut wedging technique and the spiral wedging method too and I'll certainly be making a more in-depth video in the future about spiral wedging if that's something that'll appeal to you guys? Timecodes: 0:00 - Introduction 0:17 - Sources of reclaim 1:30 - Accumulating reclaim 2:10 - Mixing reclaim 2:45 - Spreading reclaim on plaster batts 5:30 - Layering clay 6:30 - Cut wedging 9:00 - Spiral wedging Plaster Batt Recipe: 8320g Potter's Plaster 2080g Herculite Plaster (This is per plaster batt, you could make a thinner layer and spread it across two batts but I prefer the thicker ones. Additionally, you can place chicken wire into the mould and pour the plaster over to strengthen them. I've always used thicker batts as they tend not to get over saturated too quickly). Let me know if you've got any questions in the comments below and as always, thanks for watching. Instagram – 🤍 TikTok – 🤍 Website – 🤍

8. Spiral Wedging / kneading Clay 菊練り with Hsin-Chuen Lin 林新春 菊練揉土示範


To see or buy my finished work and pottery tools, please visit my ETSY shop: 🤍 🤍 🤍 To watch more of my throwing videos, please visit my channel: 🤍 To learn more about my back ground, please visit my Website: 🤍mypots.net Follow me on Instagram: hsinchuenlin Like me on Facebook: Hsin-Chuen Lin Ceramics

Beginners Intro to Wedging your Clay.


This video is a very basic introduction into clay and how to wedge your clay. every clay feels different and wedging your Clay is a good way to not only familiarize yourself with Clay but realign the clay platelets and be ready to craft with. #pottery #ceramic #craft #wedge #how to #diy #clay p.o box : 4540 florin road # E 138 Sacramento zip:95823 name: Donte the potter - Music by: [No Copyright Music] Crying Over You - Chill Hip-Hop Beat (Copyright Free) Music By Chris Morro *Instagram : 🤍 * Facebook community page : 🤍 support the channel : 🤍

Wedging Clay: Spiral Technique


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How to Wedge Clay


How to wedge clay. I will discuss why you would want to wedge your clay, setting up your wedging area. I will then show how to do both rams head and spiral wedging.

Clay Preparation - the Spiral Wedging / Kneading Method - Ridge Pottery


Douglas Phillips demonstrates the spiral kneading method of preparing clay for use on the wheel. Only a small amount of clay is worked on each stroke allowing the potter to prepare quantities of clay that would be too big to knead by other methods. This technique is also known as the Oriental or Chrysanthemum method. See my other videos for more demonstrations or visit the Ridge Pottery website 🤍. I’ve taken several videos at Ridge Pottery Summer Schools. The demonstrations are informal, often impromptu, and show a particular making technique and/or illustrate elements of a pot’s shape, form and function. As well as the demonstration there is often discussion with students that lend the videos an informal quality which (I think) adds to their interest and enjoyment.

Wedging Clay ready to be Thrown on the Pottery Wheel


More reclaim, more spiral wedging, gradually working my way through the pile of reclaim that has been festering for a month or two now The textural block you see at the beginning is how the clay appears after being peeled off the plaster batts after sitting there for a few days, drying out. Much of the moisture evaporates or is absorbed by the plaster and after prodding it for a few days, to check that it’s in the right condition, it’ll be taken off and wedged. Spiral wedging is a skill I forced myself to learn when I was 17 years old, I was watching potters do it on YouTube and I knew from that very moment that I must figure it out for myself. So, I squashed lumps of clay onto workbenches and struggled, for months, a few times a week until finally the mass of stoneware started taking shape. _ Instagram – 🤍 TikTok – 🤍 Website – 🤍

Spiral Wedging Clay Ready to be Thrown on the Potter's Wheel (#Shorts)


A #Shorts video showing the process that underpins every pot thrown on the wheel. This procedure of folding and pressing the clay rhythmically creates a spiral of ever decreasing size that gradually stretches and pops any pockets of air trapped inside and also makes it one, homogenous texture. If you'd like to watch a more detailed video about recycling clay or cut-wedging you can do so by following this link: 🤍 _ Instagram – 🤍 TikTok – 🤍 Website – 🤍

How to Spiral Wedge Clay (and how to NOT Rams Head Wedge clay 🤣)


I walk you through some tips and thoughts on how to Spiral Wedge stoneware clay. Hopefully this can help you practice some! Second part is me trying to "Rams Head" wedge the clay, which I've never done before. Just goes to show that it really does take a lot of practice, and even a pottery who has been making for 10 years still need to learn things!

Spiral Wedging Clay: Why and How to Spiral Wedge Clay


Master spiral wedging to prepare clay for making pottery. 0:00 Intro 0:16 Why Use Spiral Wedging? 0:44 Preparing to Spiral Wedge Clay 1:27 How to Spiral Wedge Clay 4:47 Practice 5:22 How To Finish Spiral Wedging 6:32 Outro #pottery #ceramics #wedging #spiralwedging #potteryvideos #potterylesson #potterylessons #potteryvideo #ceramicschool #ceramiclesson #makingpottery #potterymaking

Three ways to wedge clay; slam cut wedging, spiral wedging and ram’s head wedging. #potterswheel


Wedging is a way of mixing the clay by hand to even out the moisture contained in it. It will help rid the clay of any air bubbles and get it into the best shape to work with. This will mean you are far less likely to have problems later on in the making process😵‍💫. There are three main ways to wedge (although you may know more): slam cut wedging, spiral wedging and ram’s head wedging. Wedging will feel a little tricky at first, which is normal. But the more you practice, the easier it will become. It is worth the effort, I promise. And as a bonus, after wedging you won’t need to go to the gym! 😝💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻I’ll share more detail on each method in the next few days. 🫶🏻Learn pottery with me 🤍KaraLeighFordCeramics

How To Wedge Clay - A Step by Step Beginners Guide


How To Wedge Clay – Marie Shows us her Step by Step Beginners Guide for the Most Popular Wedging Techniques - The Spiral Wedge, The Rams Head, and The Stack and Slam Tools Supplies and Links are down in the 👇 SHOW MORE SECTION 👇 - ❓ Question If You Have any Questions, Comments, Feel Free to Post them in the Comments Section. If You Have an Idea for A Video, Or If You Have Any Tips to Improve the Channel Let Me Know Here: 🤍 Don't forget to 👍 and Subscribe! Turn on Notifications (🔔) - 🎯 Disclosure: Some of these links go to my website potterycrafters.com and some are affiliate links where I'll earn a small commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you. 🎯 As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. - 🔷 BONUS Material 🔷 👉 Watch - How to Center Clay 🤍 👉 Watch - How to Choose Pottery Clay 🤍 👉 Visit Pottery Crafters 🤍 - My Pottery Wheel ✅ Brent CXC 🤍 (Amazon) (Blick) My Kiln ✅ Skutt KM Series 818-3 🤍 (Blick) - 🔷 Tools In My Studio 🔷 Hand Tools 🤍 Glazes 🤍 Brushes 🤍 Favorite Clays 🤍 - MUSIC TRACKS Sunny Island by Scandinavianz 🤍 Music provided by Free Music for Vlogs 🤍 Scandinavianz: Journey 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Music provided by RFM 🤍 Song: Scandinavianz - Summertime [Copyright FREE Music] Available on YouTube promoted by "Copyright FREE Music": 🤍 Sponsored videos and brand-sponsored content on this channel will be clearly disclosed within the videos and/or descriptions.

How to Spiral Wedge Clay in the Pottery Studio with Molly Sanyour


Spiral wedging is great for a larger amount of clay! Hope this video helps you! Check out my website: 🤍mollysanyourceramics.com or my other social media 🤍mollysanyourceramics on Instagram and TikTok and find me on SkillShare!!! Happy creating!!!

How to Reclaim and Prepare Clay by Spiral Wedging


For more information about reclaiming and preparing clay, see the full blog post on my website: 🤍 BLANK EARTH Ceramics makes pottery by hand for everyday use. Each piece of pottery is unique and intended to last a lifetime, a refreshing alternative to mass-produced homeware. Subscribe to BLANK EARTH to see more pottery videos, such as; tutorials for beginners, hand-building demos, and kurinuki clay carving. Find me here... 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

Spiral Wedging


Watch Sam as he teaches you how to spiral wedge!

1. Spiral Wedging: Jeff Kell shows how to wedge clay for throwing.


First in the series: “Throwing a Cylinder/Making a Mug”. A short introduction to the series then Jeff shows how to wedge clay in preparation for throwing or hand building. Jeff says, “There are several ways to wedge clay but I’ve found Spiral Wedging the most simple and effective. Clay that’s very wet and sticky may be difficult to wedge and should be sliced or rolled into 1” thick slices and allowed to dry for a short time. Also, clay that’s become stiff can be sliced into 1” thick slices and very briefly soaked in water to soften before wedging. Commercial clay, direct from the plastic bag can be wedged immediately.” If you have questions, please post below. See Jeff's ceramic work at: 🤍jeffkell.us To see Jeff's ceramic work, follow this link: 🤍jeffkell.us. Thanks to Geoff Tesch, 🤍thefotofarm.net, for his excellent video and photo work.

Spiral wedging


For those of you keen to work with larger pieces of clay, here’s a video to introduce you to spiral or chrysanthemum wedging. Jess already posted a really in depth video on ram’s head wedging, but I included a section on that method for smaller pieces of clay to show you how spiral wedging is just a variation on that theme. If your ram’s head is already rocking, you can jump ahead to 6:50 for the nitty gritty on spiral wedging and how to orient your finished piece of prepared clay to the wheel. In-depth Ram's Head Wedging Video: 🤍 In this video: 0:52 Ram's Head Wedging Review 6:50 Spiral Wedging

How to Wedge Clay Properly | JENI HANSEN GARD


This clip was excerpted from Teaching Clay in the Classroom Part 1, which is available in the Ceramic Arts Network Shop! 🤍 View this and all of CAN's full-length videos on CLAYflicks! 🤍 Be sure to like, comment, and subscribe to 🤍CeramicArtsNetwork to see more great videos like this one!

A Guide to Wedging Clay: Tips, Skills, and Troubleshooting for Potters


This video is a guide to wedging clay. Learning to properly wedge clay is a basic and essential skill for any potter. Anyone who has tried to roll a slab, or throw a piece of clay on the wheel just to experience pesky bubbles which ruin the piece knows just how important proper wedging is. Proper wedging of clay will eliminate air bubbles as well as create a smooth homogenous claybody which is even in moisture. This video shows the method I teach my students in class. I show two methods of wedging in this video- an asymmetrical spiral wedging where the clay is rotated around a point (mine being my left hand), resulting in a conical form to the clay as you wedge, and the symmetrical rams-head wedging, (I realized belatedly I mistakenly called it rams-horn) where both hands push evenly during rotation, resulting in a clay forming rams-head shape. Whichever of these two ways my students choose to wedge, the most important thing to remember is that the clay is rotating within itself, and should NOT incorporate air during the process. If you have clay which has stiffer and wetter areas, wedging is crucial for creating a blended homogeneous consistency. Softer clay is easier to wedge than very stiff clay as well. As a side note: one thing I don’t discuss is avoiding a bad habit I see many of my kids come to me with from younger grades. They want to take their lump of clay and throw or drop it on the table multiple times. This indeed will COMPRESS the clay, but it won’t properly mix it or remove air bubbles when stiffer. This is a no-no in my classroom. I try to teach them to do it properly for best results. I am using a table which is covered with heavy canvas. The canvas allows the clay to release from the porous surface, as opposed to working directly on the formica top which would cause it to stick. The canvas must be diligently cleaned after use with water, as it really holds dust. The taller wedging table to the right in the video is a plaster filled top, covered with canvas. I find it better in concept than in practicality, as it is just too tall for me to comfortably use. If you are 6’ tall, it is probably a perfect height for you. Many potters I know use Hardibacker Board for their wedging surface- as it is sturdy, durable, and yet somewhat absorbant to release the clay from sticking. Other potters I know highly recommend using a birch plywood wood surface which is not sealed as a wedging surface. All surfaces should be cleaned well with water when done to avoid unhealthy dust. The cutting wire is a great little add if you can have an affixed wire nearby for slicing your clay as you wedge. When slicing, I will slam down the slices perpendicular to the table to realign the particles and drive out the air bubbles. Just remember to clean the wire off as you work to prevent dry chunks getting in your clay! Check out my Amazon Influencer Store where I have recommendations for some of my favorite tools and products many of which I use in my videos- which are available on Amazon. 🤍 For the great tools I used in the video (including the MKM rollers and the wooden Kemper tools) check out this link to a live Googledoc I continually update with lots of my favorite tools on Amazon using my associate links! (also some non-amazon suggestions on here!) 🤍 In this video, I am using standard 153, a nice midrange firing stoneware in my classroom. I am a public high school ceramics teacher at William Mason High School in Mason, Ohio. (Mason is currently the largest high school in Ohio!) As a potter, I have been working in clay for over 30 years, and I have been teaching for over 28 years, the past 20 have been specifically teaching high school ceramics. I love what I do! I have my own studio in my home basement, where I work on my personal pottery for my Etsy site; 🤍 I started my Youtube channel to make videos to help my students if they are absent and miss a demo, or if they would like to explore more advanced techniques independently. I have been amazed to reach such a wider audience than my own students! Please subscribe to my channel if you would like to receive channel updates, or would like to learn more about clay and studio processes!

Wedging Clay


Techniques for wedging clay.

Spiral Wedging with Jane Sawyer



Pottery at Home! Part 8: how to wedge


In this video I'm showing you how to wedge clay and how you can reused your clay after having made something you don't want to keep. This is an essential skill for every potter! 😎 How to make the wedging board from this video: 🤍 //ONLINE CLASSES Glazing for Beginners: 🤍 Pottery Wheel for Beginners: 🤍 Staining Clay & Marbling Pottery: 🤍 //SHOP Buy my Pottery: 🤍 Slab Pottery Templates: 🤍 Make Pottery at Home ebook: 🤍 //TOOLS & CLAY Stuff I use and recommend: 🤍 //SAY HI! Instagram: 🤍 Newsletter: 🤍 Website: 🤍

Wedging Clay and Throwing a Huge Batch of Identical Cups (#Shorts)


Wedging up some stoneware clay and throwing a big batch of identical stoneware cups. As I always mention, these #Shorts videos are just a tiny portion of the video content I create and upload on YouTube. If you'd also like to watch longer, narrated videos, I make those too. You can find them on my profile. Thanks for watching! _ Instagram – 🤍 TikTok – 🤍 Website – 🤍

SIMON LEACH POTTERY - Learning how to wedge and knead clay for throwing !


Taking orders on Leach wheels ..again ! Website -🤍 - To DONATE …if you appreciate 🤍 YES we DO ship international !! - ignore what my Etsy shop says ! - contact me please. SUBSCRIBE, (click the BELL for notifications) and KEEP PRACTICING!

How to Spiral Wedge


In this video I demonstrate how to spiral wedge clay for ceramics 1. This is the preferred method of wedging, especially for wheel throwing. Although it may be tricky the first few times once it is learned it is quite simple.

Clay Wedging Demonstration - Spiral Wedging


How to wedge clay using the Spiral Wedging Technique

Spiral kneading (1 of 5) - what's it for?


Spiral kneading, or spiral wedging, is a technique for removing air bubbles from clay and for mixing the clay up ready to be used. In this video I explain the principle of spiral kneading and why you might want to learn to do it.

How to do spiral wedging by David Voorhees | TeachinArt


David Voorhees demonstrates in his wheel throwing online class how to do the spiral wedging technique. He presents the Porcelain Tips For Wheel Pottery online workshop at TeachinArt, the online school of art where professional artists answer students art questions. David, functional potter and owner of David Voorhees Pottery in North Carolina, has more than 40 years ceramic experience and is internationally recognized as pottery teacher who specializes in porcelain clay and wood firing. He also paints on clay. Links: David Voorhees: (🤍 Porcelain throwing class: (🤍 TeachinArt online workshops (🤍

106. Jenchi Wu: Wedging Techniques - Spiral and Ram horn wedging


Projects demo for ceramic class - This video shows students how to wedge clay before they use it. More you do, better you get.

Wedging and Recycling Used Stoneware Clay


With all my parcels sent work can begin again, which, sadly meant wedging up a few thick slabs of stoneware like this that I’d been neglecting, all wrapped up in plastic for almost a month now. I start by cutting away smaller, more manageable blocks, each of which is then spiral wedged until the consistency feels smooth and even throughout. As these slabs of reclaim had been sitting out for so long the outside had developed a firm crust, whilst inside they were still very damp and soft. This means that the first few folds are difficult, yet as soon as the two firmness’s began to mesh it becomes very manageable and in fact was almost too soft to actually wedge, which is good, as it means it’ll be perfect for throwing a batch of tiny bowls with—the next task of the day. #wedging #recycle #clay #handmade #pottery #stoneware #craft #floriangadsby #satisfying #asmr _ Instagram – 🤍 TikTok – 🤍 Website – 🤍

Spiral Wedging


Wedging the clay gets rid of all the airpockets!

How POTTERS Keep Fit - A Demonstration Of Spiral Wedging.


This is the first step of every throwing project - and in the case of larger orders - represents a serious exercise session. I find too that the clay, like cooking, is often better if left a day after the preparation. It also gives a chance to get your breath back! It's really worth spending the time and energy needed at this stage, it can avoid wasted effort further down the making line...

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