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Hey There Dev Champ, Welcome to our channel, Develop with SJ. Through this channel, we wish to provide an alternate way of learning and concepts delivery in the domain of software development, using illustrations and engaging figures, for better understanding of the topic, theoretically as well as practically, which is more interesting and engaging than traditional ways… Doesn’t matter, if you are a student, trying to achieve a good job, already a job professional trying to refresh the concepts regarding any topic, or just trying to explore this domain, we are here for you. Our team pledges to deliver those concepts to you in a more interesting, engaging and simplest possible way, so that you can understand the desired topic in any phase of life and play your role in a better way than before. Throughout our journey, we shall be covering different domains and languages in software development sector, Such as, DBMS, OOP, Software Engineering, SDLC, Python, SQL, JAVA, DJango, MVC

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Keys in DBMS | Beginners Tutorial #shorts

Keys in DBMS | Beginners Tutorial #shorts

Develope with SJ
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What is a DBMS | why do we need a DBMS ? #shorts

What is a DBMS | why do we need a DBMS ? #shorts

Develope with SJ
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