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Hello Friends, I have invited to all of you please come and share your experience, knowledge, problems regarding Stock market and will enrich more together. Being a stock market participant, I always want to accumulate more knowledge about market which will possible only if we do free discussion with another people who makes big loss or profits in this ocean. So, welcome you all in my Channel "Long Way" with your great skills or zero skills. Here all are apprentice. If you want to open your free Demat Account with Angel One please contact me. You will get all supports in your long journey. email : longway.dns@gmail.com WhatsApp : 9474470287 Call : 8777361943 #stockmarket #swingtrade #investment #chartpatterns #candlestickpattern #intraday #tutorial #technicalanalysis #fundamentalanalysis #marketupdate Stock investing and trading is Risky. Before any position consult your Financial adviser.

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