Many Many Thanks for Again Welcome in this channel . I focus on videos which help people realise their dream of becoming rich . I am Prasenjit ,I am the founder of (PRITHIRAJ NATH). We believe , ' Investing is simple ' , only when you know the right path to walk on . Don't worry ! We always , holding your hands , guiding you to achieve your Financial Freedom you will be getting videos related to Finance , Stock Market , Mutual Funds , Investments and lot more Disclaimer : The opinion , views and guidance expressed in these videos are personal opinion and based on personal experience and only for Education purpose . Please consult your Financial Advisors before investing . We are not responsible for any profit or loss My book can help you for earn constantly in Stock Market & Mutual Fund My Book Available on Amazon ( The Smart Investor's ) Wishing all of you happy, profitable & tension free investment Journey" Business Email

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