What are Ansible Roles? (Theory)

Michael Crilly

Michael Crilly

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What are Ansible Roles? (Ansible Training Course 2020) | Sign up to my free Discord community: 🤍🤍thecloud.coach/community SUBSCRIBE: 🤍bit.ly/2WBPF1W JOIN THE COMMUNITY: 🤍🤍thecloud.coach/community About The Cloud Coach: Michael Crilly, aka "The Cloud Coach", is a leading expert in DevOps and automation. The Coach has automated everything from Cisco hardware to AWS resources using various tools like Python, Ruby, Go, Terraform, Packer, CloudFormation, CI/CD, JenkinsCI, GitOps, and much more. The Coach also loves to teach everyone and anyone about the joy of automating complex Cloud resources to deliver a fast, better infrastructure that's cheaper to operate and more stable to manage. Connect with The Cloud Coach: My Discord community: 🤍🤍thecloud.coach/community The VIP program: 🤍🤍thecloud.coach/vips The Newsletter: 🤍🤍thecloud.coach/news-letter Checkout my FREE courses! What are IAC & CAC?: 🤍🤍thecloud.coach/what-are-iac-cac Terraform Crash Course: 🤍🤍thecloud.coach/terraform-crash-course Ansible Crash Course: 🤍🤍thecloud.coach/ansible-crash-course Packer Crash Course: 🤍🤍thecloud.coach/packer-crash-course Checkout my PREMIUM courses! Terraform Crash Course: Premium: 🤍🤍thecloud.coach/terraform-crashcourse-premium Terraform: Understanding State: 🤍🤍thecloud.coach/terraform-understanding-state CI/CD Introduction: 🤍🤍thecloud.coach/ci-cd-introduction

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What are Ansible Roles? (Theory)
What are Ansible Roles? (Theory)
What are Ansible Roles? (Theory)
What are Ansible Roles? (Theory)
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2022-04-08 16:48:04

Excellent video. Rare to find someone who gets straight to the point without re-explaining the basics for the hundredth time, massively appreciated.

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